About Us

Terra Moderne Founder Kyla Jones
Hi There,
I'm Kyla. As an environmentalist, fashion lover and health advocate, I founded Terra Moderne to give modern and minimalist women non-toxic, fashionable jewelry. After falling ill with thyroid cancer from toxin exposure in 2019, I realized the goods we use, wear and consume can hurt our health. Thus, I created this brand to promote fashion and accessories that aren't chemically treated and potentially harmful. I believe looking good shouldn't come at the risk of our health and the fashion industry should curb their waste and be mindful of their carbon footprint. I'm on a mission to create a lifestyle brand that you love and operates differently. Here's to a healthier wardrobe!
-xo, Kyla Jones
Terra Moderne was created for modern and minimalist women who value ethical fashion. We partner with local and global artisans to create jewelry that is lead, cadmium and nickel free and handmade with recycled materials. We never sacrifice quality for quantity and ensure every detail of our designs are expertly crafted. Our goal is to create one-of-a-kind pieces you will treasure that aren’t chemically treated and mass produced. Know too that when you shop Terra Moderne, you’re not just buying intricate, handmade art-you’re helping to create social and economic impact for local and global artisans who dedicate themselves in curating the designs you love.
Our Mission
We are striving to become a fashion brand unlike any other. We hope to be a true blue, environmentally friendly fashion brand that produces clothing and  accessories without any chemical exposure. We are always thinking of ways to create better, healthier fashion for you and the planet so rest assured we will deliver on our goals.
Our Vision
 We envision a world where fashion brands not only operate ethically and sustainably, but operate with transparency and integrity. We strive to create beautiful, modern and minimalist jewelry while being mindful of our carbon footprint. We do what we can to give back to the environment and fight climate change. 
Who We Are

We are 100% Woman and BIPOC Owned and believe in doing business differently. We stand for carbon neutrality, recycling, uplifting communities, donating to green projects, operating ethically and sustainably, and most importantly-operating with transparency.