Danni Oyster Trinket Dish

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With a gold leaf paint trim, this upcycled decoupage oyster trinket dish makes a perfect catchall for your jewelry and doubles as a decor piece for your home. Each trinket dish is handcrafted with care and is an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional jewelry box.

-100% Authentic Oyster Shell

-Natural White Back

-Black & White Floral Decoupage Design

-Hand Painted Gold Leaf Trim

-Each Purchase Plants a Tree

-Comes with Biodegradable Jute Bag

-Made by Artisans in Massachusetts, USA

-Shell Sourced from Oyster Bar in Florida, USA

-Lengths Measure Approximately 3”-4” Inches

Please Note: As these shells were created by nature, they will vary in shape and size. There will be slight variations in print with each oyster. Flaking from shell may occur.

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