Jewelry Care

At Terra Moderne, we source the best quality materials in crafting the jewelry you love. However, just like our handmade accessories can have natural imperfections, there are some general facts to note about jewelry.

Please know that extensive wear and contact with water, oil, lotion, and fragrance will significantly decrease the life of your jewels and can promote tarnishing.

Remove your jewelry when:
  • Showering, bathing, or washing your hands
  • Exercising (salt in sweat affects plating)
  • Applying perfume, lotions, oils etc.
  • Sleeping
  • Swimming (especially in chlorine)
  • Cleaning with harsh chemicals
  • Sauna or high humidity/extreme heat conditions
Store your jewelry separately:


Keep your jewelry in a closed box or it's own bag away from other jewelry, especially jewelry made with different colors of metal. Different metals can react and cause each other to oxidize, fade, tarnish, or scratch.

Clean with care:


Our jewelry can be professionally cleaned or cleansed with Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleansing Foam. It is an all purpose, biodegradable and non-toxic cleanser that has been tested on our jewelry. For stones, use a cloth with mild soap and warm water.